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FanAI is leading-edge sponsorship marketplace for sports and entertainment rights holders and sponsors, focused on leveraging audience data to empower informed content and sponsorship decision-making.

The FanAI Difference: In addition to providing advanced analysis on social data, FanAI enriches users’ data with real world social and purchasing information. This drives an uncanny ability to understand fan affinities, learn where they spend and how best to target them with sponsorship activations.

Bottom line:

FanAI turns users’ data into actionable insight focused at improving the top-line for both rights holders and sponsors.

Solutions for Rights Holders and Sponsors:

Understand audience behavior, demographics, and affinities to evaluate sponsorship fit

Measure and understand sponsorship effectiveness

Evaluate campaign, activation and longitudinal sponsorship results and effectiveness

Analyze the most effective sponsorship mix from the perspective of both rights holders and brands

Solutions for for rights holders like esports teams, traditional sports teams, festival and convention organizers, game publishers, influencers and streamers

Identify content changes that can grow the fanbase and improve their loyalty

Understand how performance compares to their peers

Benchmark content effectiveness, fanbase engagement and loyalty to understand competitiveness

The Platform

Pre-Partnership Toolkit

Utilize the platform to assess potential sponsorship opportunities, understand your fan base and improve your content decisions

  • Understand overall audience growth and key drivers of your success
  • Find potential sponsorship opportunity matches
  • Discover your audience’s brand affinities and preferences
  • Identify opportunities for content partnerships
Post-Partnership Toolkit

Utilize the platform to assess marketing and sponsorship effectiveness and optimize your content performance

  • Understand how campaigns and activations drive audience growth
  • Analyze social media engagement
  • Measure value creation over the lifetime of a partnership
  • Optimize your sponsorship portfolio
Drive value from your first party data in a secure and compliant way:

Upload your own fan data from email lists, merchandise sales, ticket sales, and other sources into our platform via our fully-secured, GDPR compliant data transfer management portal. We enrich your data with real-world spending and behavioral data so you’re empowered to confidently evaluate and understand your fan base.

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