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FanAI is the only platform that allows brands to discover how current and prospective audiences spend online and offline. Through bottom-of-funnel sponsorship metrics, brands are able to make more informed and strategic decisions for their marketing spend, which further enables them to engage with the right customers at the right time.

Discover prospective audiences based on how they spend with your brand.


Measure your marketing channels against your business objective(s)

Optimize investment strategy and specific placements.

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The Financial Implications of Restarting the NBA Amid COVID-19

Against all odds, sports are back! Mid-pandemic, the NBA will restart their season today, Thursday, July 30th, with a doubleheader: Jazz v. Pelicans and the Clippers v. Lakers. But, with […]

Sponsorship Masterclass Series with Sponsorship Veteran, Matt Caren

This is part of our ongoing sponsorship masterclass series, where we discuss issues related to sponsorships with pros who’ve worked with brands, rights holders, and agencies.  As a sponsorship professional, […]

Major League Soccer and Esports Crossover Audience!

Calling all soccer fans! Did you know that MLS fans have the strongest crossover with esports fans? With FIFA as a leading crossover sports game, we can’t say we’re surprised, […]

The Sports Must Go On! 5 Ways Leagues & Brands Can Rethink Sports at a Distance

Overview  Americans are at home, bored, and craving entertainment. Marble races were trending on Youtube in March. Viewers flocked to watch the Michael Jordan biopic, “The Last Dance.” Even the […]

Top Streams this week include TheGrefg, auronplay and… Garth Brooks?

This week, TheGrefg and auronplay’s adventures in Fortnite and GTA V allowed them to take the top spot for most popular streams, continuing the trend of the last few weeks […]

Data Insight: Popular Game Audience Overlap

Have you ever wondered what games and how many games Twitch viewers watch? Perhaps you’ve wondered what games have the highest crossover with each other. If so, check out what […]

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