TimTheTatman and Thursday Night Football Audience Analysis

On September 27th, 2018, Amazon-owned Twitch aired Thursday Night Football for the first time on the platform. While traditional sports have found a home on the platform, this broadcast marked the first time a major league match was licensed and aired on Twitch. Luckily for us at FanAI, this game and all future installments provide a unique opportunity to leverage our Twitch capabilities to measure the reach of traditional sports with the platform’s gaming-focused audience.

Last week, we examined the unique viewers that watched the TNF week 1 broadcast and the recent Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major organized by FACEIT in London. While only 83K logged-in viewers tuned into the TNF broadcast, 1 in 7 of those viewers also watched the FACEIT Major the prior weekend. Thursday Night Football clearly appeals to a segment of the CS:GO audience, and we would expect to see similar types of viewership overlap across other game segments as the broadcasts continue over the coming weeks.

Building a Brand Audience with Influencer Help

This week, we turn our attention to the impact seen by some of the marketing efforts to expand the reach of the game on the platform. Week 1 may have launched without much fanfare, but Twitch upped their promotional game for week 2. In addition to teasing further integrations coming to the platform for TNF, Twitch partnered with streaming talent native to the platform to bring even more viewers to TNF through their co-streaming functionality. Our analysis sought to investigate the impact this promotion had on the viewership numbers week-over-week for Thursday Night Football.



One of the major partners for this initiative was TimTheTatman, a popular and established Twitch personality. His co-stream singlehandedly expanded the week 2 audience for TNF from 86K on the Twitch-owned Prime Video channel to 310K+ unique logged-in viewers on both. This 260% increase in audience size demonstrates the massive impact that a single influencer can have on a brand’s broadcast.

Viewership Retention Week-Over-Week

While many services can provide data on standard viewership metrics and some can estimate the total audience size, only FanAI can measure if those same viewers tuned in to two or more different broadcasts. Without this key information, you might assume that the same viewers are tuning in from one week to the next. This simply isn’t the case on Twitch, as demonstrated by deduplicating the actual logged in viewers week over week.



Of those viewers that tuned in on week 1, only 34% returned to Twitch to watch the second week of Thursday Night Football. Of those viewers who returned, 73% watched week 2 on the main prime video channel. This is also equivalent to 25% of the week 1 audience. However, this flow of viewership does not tell the full story.

Without deduplicating the 13K viewers who tuned in to both the main channel and TimTheTatman’s co-stream of TNF, you would be overestimating the number of fans who actually tuned in. Further, 3.3K of these viewers who watched both streams were also returning viewers. Once these factors are taken into account, we can show that 61% of returning viewers only watched on the prime video channel, 27% only watched on TimtheTatman’s channel, and 12% watched on both.

This shows that fans who tuned into the week 1 broadcast were most likely to return to the same channel, if they returned. Additionally, the lure of TimTheTatman’s commentary and involvement attracted his fans to watch the NFL with him, as only 5% of his total audience watched the original broadcast on the prime video channel.

Why This Matters

For brands looking to bring their own content to Twitch, our data demonstrates the real impact that integrating a Twitch influencer into a digital activation can have. The additional reach provided by streamers and influencers into their own communities ultimately expands the reach of a campaign into a new segment of fans who might not have tuned in otherwise. While there are a number of ways to make this type of analysis actionable, ultimately it depends on the goals you have for your campaign. Making decisions about which influencers to bring on-board can be difficult, but our data can help you answer questions such as:

  • Which influencer is the right influencer to reach new segments of fans?
  • What is the right set of influencers to generate repeat impressions of a campaign?
  • What other games or types of content is my audience interested in on Twitch?
  • What was the real reach of my campaign, across multiple streams?

Interested in diving into unique viewership statistics like these, for a past or future campaign? FanAI can help.