Unlock Your Fanbase

The FanAI platform is the leading esports audience monetization platform, built to help you better identify, understand, and reach your fans in order to sell more sponsorships and ultimately drive more revenue for your business. FanAI enriches your data with real world social and purchasing information, enabling you to identify your fans, learn where they spend, and target where to reach them. Our platform turns your data into action, and channels the results into your sponsor’s bottom line.

Identify and target the right sponsor for your team, league or event, and prove that your audience is their target audience

Understand Digital Reach

Quantify the full extent and effectiveness of your digital reach through broadcast and social media

Sell more tickets by discovering new fans and optimize ad spend by refining your micro-segments audience targeting

Analyze and measure the impact of sponsorship campaigns across digital channels and gain unprecedented insights into the effectiveness of your investments

The Platform


Utilize customized dashboards to identify trends in your audience’s behaviors, based on real world spending data and gain insights on how to use that data to your advantage


Create retargeting lists, facebook custom audiences, and lookalike audiences generated from segments of your existing audience for accurate and actionable marketing follow up


Upload your own fan data into our platform via our fully secured data transfer management portals


Discover segments within your audience for optimum targeting. From demographic segments based on age or money spent to your audience who has a history of going to multiple events, we help you segment the right audience for the best campaigns

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