Examining Twitch Audience Loyalty of Rocket League Championship Series Season 6

Why are brands interested in sponsoring esports teams, leagues, and tournaments? Fundamentally, they believe that esports will allow them to reach an engaged and enthusiastic audience. Sure, some companies can tell you the basics about an audience on Twitch. But only FanAI provides a holistic picture of who your audience is and how loyal they are to a particular team or league.

How can we do this? Let’s use Psyonix’s Rocket League Championship Series as an example and address some questions only FanAI can answer.

How Many Fans Watched Matches from Multiple Regions?

Like many esports, Rocket League divides its competitive play into regional leagues. Specifically, Psyonix holds matches for North American teams on Saturdays followed by European teams face off on Sundays.

And unlike other Twitch data solutions, FanAI can identify the unique audience members who watched matches from either region and the fans who watched both.



Of the 577K unique logged-in Twitch viewers who watched Season 6 of the Rocket League Championship Series, 237K or about 41% watched both NA and EU RLCS matches. This means that roughly 60% of NA fans watched EU matches and vice versa.

Now, why is this important?

Imagine that you are an advertiser looking to sponsor the Rocket League. Does it make sense for you to sponsor both the North American and European leagues or should you stick to only sponsoring one or the other? In this case, the data clearly shows that there is substantial overlap between the audiences. By sponsoring one of the regional leagues you’ll likely reach a substantial proportion of the other region’s audience. This means that choosing the North American or European league to reach a specific regional target will not actually achieve the desired outcome.

How Many Fans are Loyal Enough to Return Week to Week?

To many, esports are still seen as a niche interest. This suggests that the fans who do follow esports closely are dedicated, dependable viewers. But can you back this assumption up with hard evidence? Or can you provide facts to the contrary?



To answer this question, we separate fans into groups by identifying the first week they watched Season 6 of the RLCS. By doing this, we can determine if fans from prior weeks returned and, if they did, what proportion of the subsequent audience they made up.

By charting this data for Rocket League, we found several key insights.

  1. As expected, the percentage of new fans decreased as the season progressed.
  2. Fans who watched the first week were the most likely to return in following weeks.
  3. By the regional finals in week 7, returning viewers comprised 75% of the audience.

But so what? Why do these insights matter?

It’s time to step into the shoes of a league’s partnerships manager. It’s your goal to convince brands to spend their budgets with your league over any other.

With data like this you can prove to prospects just how dedicated your audience is, even in comparison to other leagues. After all, if your fans return, you can ensure that a brand is getting their message out to fans and therefore their money’s worth.

How Many Fans Watched A Single Week? 2 Weeks? All Seven Weeks?

Similar to the section above, this question is ultimately about the loyalty of the esports audience. After all, if the your viewers only watch one week of programming, can you really justify calling them a dedicated fan? Seems doubtful.


It’s fairly normal to see that the majority of viewers only watch for a single week, as is the case with Rocket League. Let’s instead dig deeper into the returning viewers. Of the fans who did watch at least two weeks of Season 6, nearly more than 45% watched at least half of the matches. Additionally, about the same percentage of viewers watch 5 weeks, 6 weeks and all 7 weeks of the content FanAI analyzed.

Ultimately, this suggests that once Rocket League gets viewers to return, close to half are diehardĀ fans. And diehards are the audience segment that many brands devote their marketing to.

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